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Case Study: Flexible Solutions Key for Lower Hudson's Communications

When Lower Hudson Transit Link switched to the Celrado Dispatch Console, they increased the quality and ease of use of the software over their prior solution.

Flexible Solutions and Quick Response Times Play Key Role in Restoring Communications for Lower Hudson Transit Link

Voice communications are critical for most agencies, and Lower Hudson Transit Link is no exception. When they switched to the Celrado Dispatch Console, not only did they experience a substantial increase in the quality and ease of use of the software compared with a prior, outdated solution, but they also gained a trusted partner in Clever Devices.

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Lower Hudson Transit Link already utilized Celrado for their voice communications but ran into problems with a third-party dispatch console. These consoles had numerous limitations and proved quite costly as they required expensive proprietary hardware (like dispatch headsets). Troubleshooting was also a source of frustration because of the added steps of checking the console hardware and adapters when issues arose. When Lower Hudson experienced a network outage through an outside vendor, their vital communications infrastructure was brought to a screeching halt. Dispatch and operators were left communicating manually via personal mobile phones, requiring operators to stop their vehicles before they could get in touch. 


Clever Devices provided Lower Hudson Transit Link with an alternative physical solution that met their needs (Celrado Dispatch Console) and immediate support as the agency recovered their voice communications after the outage.


Flexible Pricing to Fit Every Agency’s Budget

Lower Hudson Transit Link found their previous solution’s proprietary hardware to be a major pain point, especially given issues with the quality and overall cost of adapters and headsets required. Clever Devices worked with Lower Hudson to propose a solution that not only fit the needs of the agency but their budget as well.

User-Friendly Interface and Simplified Troubleshooting

Lower Hudson Transit Link was frustrated with the arduous process of troubleshooting issues that arose with their previous third-party console. With the elimination of those cumbersome adapters, troubleshooting has become as simple as checking that
configurations and settings are properly optimized within Celrado Dispatch Console. The user-friendly software interface and product quality have made the process as simple as a few clicks in the rare instance that a problem arises.

Built with Cybersecurity in Mind

Celrado Dispatch Console is a next-generation solution that allows for the restoration of the entire dispatch system in under 7 minutes. Compare that with the expense and time required to physically reimage workstations in your average dispatch center, and the
advantage is clear. Redundancy and resiliency are built into the system, and databases are regularly backed up, allowing for remote upgrades and repairs.

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