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From Ridecheck+ to CleverReports: How a Data-Driven Approach Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Learn how Clever Devices' Data Science Team facilitated one agency's transition to CleverReports and helped them improve on-time performance while positively impacting change management.

In the ever-evolving landscape of public transportation, the accuracy and reliability of data play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient operations. For a large bus agency in the Northeast, On-Time Performance (OTP) was a critical metric that their Service Planning group meticulously monitored. However, after almost a decade of using Ridecheck+ to calculate its Timepoint Pair running times, senior management proposed a transition to CleverReports to establish a unified OTP reporting system across the entire agency. Yet, the Service Planning team faced a challenge: ensuring CleverReports could meet their unique needs. They were hesitant to change and concerned about the outcomes.

The Challenge

Two significant challenges loomed over the Service Planning group as they considered transitioning to CleverReports:

  • Data Integrity: Maintaining the quality and accuracy of the data was paramount. Service Planning needed assurance that CleverReports could deliver data of at least the same caliber as RideCheck+.
  • Unique Functionality: RideCheck+ offered specialized functionalities that Service Planning had grown dependent on. They required a seamless transition that preserved the same functional mapping of their reports in Ridecheck+ to reports in CleverReports.

The Clever Data Science Approach

To address these challenges and facilitate a smooth transition, Clever Devices implemented a comprehensive strategy:

  • Assessment and Planning: Clever Data Science (Clever DS) initiated the project by conducting kickoff meetings with Service Planning and Senior Management. These meetings defined project goals, desired outcomes, and potential obstacles.
  • System Comparison and Evaluation: Clever DS conducted head-to-head comparisons between Ridecheck+ and CleverReports. Their findings confirmed that CleverReports equaled or exceeded the accuracy of Ridecheck+, thanks to its higher volume of data. By not discarding partial data for National Transit Database (NTD) reporting, CleverReports outperformed its predecessor. Additionally, OTP standards were established for all products to enable direct comparisons.
  • Custom Report Construction: The team identified reports in CleverReports that closely mirrored Ridecheck+ reports and customized them to meet Service Planning's specific requirements. This included formatting rules and scheduled report broadcasts. For reports that couldn't be immediately replicated due to missing data elements, Clever DS collaborated with the CleverReports Engineering team to implement the necessary changes.
  • Migration and Support: A pilot program was executed to analyze runtime data in both systems for a new signup/pick. During this pilot, Service Planning identified data anomalies, which Clever DS meticulously investigated and addressed their root causes. After a successful pilot, the bus agency completely transitioned to CleverReports, discontinuing the use of Ridecheck+ for runtime and OTP analysis.

Key Outcomes: CleverReports Yields Significant Benefits for the Agency’s Service Planning Group

Enterprise-Wide Adoption: Service Planning now uses CleverReports as an enterprise-wide platform for OTP evaluation. This unification of metrics has paved the way for the rollout of Operations Dashboards, which provide Garage Supervisors with real-time access to crucial OTP metrics.


In conclusion, the successful collaboration between Clever Devices and the Northeast bus agency's Service Planning group exemplifies how a meticulous data-driven approach can lead to enhanced operational efficiency. By addressing data integrity concerns and customizing reports to meet unique needs, Clever Devices has empowered the agency to make data-driven decisions with confidence, ultimately benefiting both riders and the organization. 

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