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Managing a Mixed Fleet Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

The gradual move to Battery Electric Buses means operating both BEBs and Diesel vehicles in one ecosystem for the foreseeable...

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Tags: Transit Industry, Technology

Real-Time vs. Historical Data and the Case for Why Your Agency Needs Both

Data plays a critical role in decision-making, and there is nothing more important than having the information necessary to make...

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Tags: Technology

Quieter Electric Vehicles: Great for the Environment but a Pedestrian Safety Concern

Many transit agencies are well underway with their plans to inject Electric Vehicles (EVs) into their fleets. Doing so offers a...

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Tags: Safety and Security

Four Reasons Your CAD/AVL System Should Support Interlining

Today’s modern scheduling systems work hard to provide you with the most efficient and economical service plan. Intelligent...

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Tags: Technology, Planning and Scheduling

The Importance of Managing Crowding and Communicating Occupancy Levels to Your Riders

When COVID-19 began to spread like wildfire across North America, public transportation quickly came to a grinding halt. With...

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Tags: Communications, Transit Industry

Automated Vehicle Health Monitoring Helps Brampton Reduce Mechanical Breakdowns

When Brampton, a city in the Canadian province of Ontario, put in place its vision for the future, enhancing its public...

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Preparing for an Unknown Future with Transit Scenario Planning Tools

How do you plan for an unknown future?

Scenario planning tools let you see the impact of your decisions before you put them into...

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Tags: Planning and Scheduling

New Vs. Repurposed: What’s The Right Technology Approach For Your New Bus Builds?

The decision to invest in new bus builds brings with it a whole host of questions: What kind of propulsion system do you need?...

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Tags: Technology

The Business Case for Having Both VoIP Communications and a Land Mobile Radio Network at the Same Time

Five Reasons Why It Makes Perfect Sense

If you’re currently evaluating your communications technology, you may think you have one...

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Tags: Communications