Successful Technology Transitions Require Early Engagement

Whether you are migrating from one provider to another, or to a new solution, it's important to engage your ITS provider early to ensure a seamless transition.

Every year, we see exciting new advancements in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology from a variety of providers and, in some cases, these new solutions are coming from vendors who may be new to our industry or market. Regardless of whether you are migrating from one provider to another, or adding a net-new solution, it is critically important that you consider engaging your ITS provider as early as possible in the process to ensure a seamless transition.


In a perfect world, all systems would utilize standards-based interfaces that are “plug and play,” and migrating from one vendor to another or adding new technology would be simple and straightforward. Our 30+ years of systems integration experience has repeatedly shown us that the reality is a always a bit more complicated. With so many inter-dependencies between CAD/AVL, scheduling, real-time passenger information, fare collection, and land-mobile radio systems, for example, your infrastructure is actually a sophisticated ecosystem – all of which rely on one another to operate effectively. In many cases, these systems rely on data from one another and even a small deviation could adversely impact one or more of them. One such example is when an agency is making a change to their scheduling system. 

While scheduling and operational data systems are essential to delivering quality service to your riders, they are also a primary input to any number of technologies. These technologies heavily rely upon accurate, reliable scheduling (i.e., trips, blocks, runs, etc.) and vehicle/operator assignment data to function properly. When there is a change from one scheduling provider to another, changes in the data exports will impact these systems. While the databases produced by your old and new scheduling systems will be purported to be “the same,” they in fact often vary significantly at the data-level. Minor variations, that may seem insignificant, could adversely impact your daily operations, your customers, and reporting.

iStock-159301838-1For this reason, a successful transition often requires advanced preparation and collaboration to orchestrate the introduction of a new or modified solution. Engaging your ITS provider as early as possible can ensure a seamless conversion with minimal impact to your operations. Whether you’re transitioning from one scheduling provider to another, adding a new fare collection system, or implementing a new digital land mobile radio system, it’s imperative that you engage your ITS provider to collaborate with you and your preferred technology partners to ensure a stress-free transition.

Fortunately, Clever Devices has the personnel and experience to partner with you through this process to ensure it is a success. If you are looking to integrate new or alternate technologies with your existing Clever Devices products, please contact your Strategic Account Manager so we can help.

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