Your Riders Know Your Digital Signs Are Down; Do You?

When your agency’s reputation is on the line, it’s crucial to know when there’s an issue, especially with something as visible as digital signage.

Don’t Get Caught with Your Signs Down

To keep the wheels turning and service running reliably at a public transit agency, countless systems must operate at peak efficiency behind the scenes. While technology downtime is bound to happen and can typically be mitigated or managed with minimal disruption to service when it comes to outward customer-facing technology, the margin for error riders will tolerate becomes increasingly slim.

When your agency’s reputation is on the line, it’s imperative that you know the moment there’s an issue, especially with something as integral to rider satisfaction as your onboard digital signage. With such a highly visible and entirely visual piece of information technology, outages are noticed and reported publicly. Rather than finding out secondhand about an outage via Twitter threads, in emails from board members, or worse yet, from the president or GM of your agency, what if your signage alerted you of an outage the moment it occurred?

CleverVision Real-Time Status (CVRTS)

CleverVision Real-Time Status is a web-based application designed to monitor exclusively the status of the onboard CleverVision system across your fleet, giving you a view into what your content players are generating in real-time. CV-RTS uses a low bandwidth cellular connection to the onboard content player coupled with Wi-Fi for bulk content manager updates, providing a cost-effective solution to monitor your signage for maintenance, outages, and other unforeseen issues.

Using the CV-RTS home dashboard, you’ll be able to determine at a glance the status of the digital signage across your entire fleet and quickly see if any are misbehaving. Additionally, email alerts can be configured to automatically alert key personnel when a screen is not functioning as intended, allowing you to jump into action with a maintenance solution long before the outage makes it to social media or your inbox.

One of the most common uses for CV-RTS is obtaining and viewing live screenshots from the CleverVision screens across your fleet. You can instantly request a screenshot from a reporting sign in the CV-RTS home dashboard. When the screenshot is received from the content player, you’ll be able to review thumbnails and determine the last time and date screenshots were retrieved. Using screenshots, remote updates, and status tracking, CV-RTS simplifies maintenance by reducing the need to go onboard a vehicle and relying solely on human input in troubleshooting.

Customer Satisfaction is Crucial

Maintaining a good state of repair for your vehicles is integral to maintaining an overall positive reputation with your customers. Keeping your passengers updated in real-time is crucial to their overall satisfaction while onboard, and CleverVision digital signage is a critical component in your rider communication strategy.

The CleverVision system, including our user-friendly CMS and the CV-RTS dashboard with automated diagnostics, makes digital signage hassle-free to simplify passenger communications, build rapport with your riders and improve overall transparency at your agency.

Digital signage that self-reports outages? Now that’s Clever. To learn more about CleverVision, download our eBook or reach out to schedule a demo today.


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