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Top 3 Things Eroding Your ITS Return on Investment (Hint: Training Erodes Over Time)


1. Turnover Perhaps nothing affects your ROI more than turnover. When seasoned employees leave, they take with them the tribal knowledge that is challenging to replace leaving behind a deficit in your agency. Often positions are then filled by...

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Top 7 Reasons Why Onsite Support Is Crucial


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Preventing a Tragedy - The Question Isn’t Will It Happen, it’s When?

Every now and again we read about dubious characters or a transportation enthusiast with a love of buses and trains boarding a vehicle and taking it for a ride. In August of 2016, a man boarded a parked Calgary transit shuttle bus while its...

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It’s All About Change Management – The Rest is Technology

As a decision maker, you’ve identified a need in your agency; a process that needs improvement or a problem that needs to be solved. You secure the funding and spend hundreds of man hours investigating what technology solutions are available to...

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